One Christmas Long Ago

Company:  Ardea Arts

Role:  Beggar Woman

Melissa is delighted to welcome the Christmas season with a concert reading of One Christmas Long Ago, music and lyrics by William Mayer and presented by Ardea Arts in honor of the composer’s 90th birthday celebration.

Based on the short story Why the Bells Rang by Raymond Alden, One Christmas Long Ago tells the story of two small boys journey through the snowy countryside excited to celebrate the Christmas festivities at the Cathedral and offer their gift to the Christ child. Along the way they find a beggar woman half frozen in the snow, and must decide whether to continue their journey, or offer aid. What happens next is a Christmas miracle.

Ardea Arts
Performed at
Metro Baptist Church
410 W. 40th Street
New York, NY

December 11, 7:30pm

Director:  Grethe Barrett Holby
Producing Director:  Gloria Parker
Composer:  William Mayer
Conductor:  Richard Cordova
Music Director:  Saffron Chung


Older Brother: Heather Denny
Young Brother: Sarah Nicole Batts
Countess: Julianne Borg
Beggar Woman: Melissa Parks
Minister/Sculptor: John Easterlin
Parsley the Page/King: Dimitrie Lazich
Old Man/Rich Merchant: Ron Loyd